Emmanuel Macron Ratings Keeps Dropping

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron was a new face to European Politics when he became the president of France through the En Marche! Party. To make it sweet, he defeated the famous Marine Le Pen. European leaders and citizens as well thought that he was a charismatic and new leader who would ensure there is openness and one who upholds the value of tolerance in the continent. However, if statistics are anything to go by, Emanuel Macron is never the star he was. He has dulled, and his popularity in France has gone down. In fact, political experts can explain that all the misfortunes that Macron is facing are due to inexperience. He might turn out to be a bigger liability than the people of France thought.

Despite being the youngest President of France, there are some missteps that are costing him dearly. For instance, he publicly embarrassed a top army general forcing him to quit. Moreover, the president even managed to turn the public against his wife and most importantly, he angered students by threatening them that he would cut some of their funds. It can’t go without mentioning that Emanuel Macron had waged war against the advocates for the poor. All these actions have angered people who thought that Emanuel Macron would act nice. He has also been rude to the French press which has resulted to painting a bad image of him domestically and internationally.
In his instincts, Emanuel Macron has been referred as too authoritarian. On the approach side, Emanuel Macron has been called too elitist. To understand how unpopular Emanuel Macron has become, the YouGov magazine revealed last week that his ratings had fallen to 36 percent. When he got into office, Emanuel Macron had an approval rating of 65 percent. This was a very good rating for a man who had never held office.

According to IFOP which is a polling firm, no other president in the near past has ever recorded such drop in rating. The Vox Magazine explained how Emanuel Macron and General Pierre de Villiers had a fallout. Macron had promised the general during campaigns that he would increase defense spending. However, upon becoming the president, he realized that he had over promised since he had to comply with the European Union requirement. According to the EU, each member has to spend less than three percent of its GDP on the military. If Emanuel Macron is to survive the scare, there is a lot for him to learn.

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