Contaminated Eggs Make Their Way To France

Contaminated Eggs

When residents of France buy eggs, they think that they are getting a food that is safe to eat. However, there have been over 250,000 eggs sold in markets across France that have been contaminated with insecticides. The eggs have been sold since April. Most of the eggs have already been sold and have been consumed by the people who purchased them. Even though the eggs were contaminated, the French farm ministry doesn't believe that there is a significant health risk.

Because the levels of contamination are so low, there really isn't a health threat to most people who have consumed the eggs. If someone has a weakened immune system, then there could be a possible illness that develops, but it shouldn't be anything that is of a major concern. There are investigations taking place across France to see just how many eggs have been contaminated at poultry farms so that this kind of incident doesn't happen again. Officials also want to make sure that there isn't any kind of significant contamination that could result in a risk to the health of the people who eat eggs.

The European Commission recently held a meeting to stop any kind of blaming that is taking place over the eggs that have been contaminated. Over 15 countries in Europe have received the contaminated eggs aside from France. The insecticide that the eggs were sprayed with is called fipronil. If the insecticide is consumed in larger quantities than just from an egg, then it can have significant impacts on the health of that person. It's a product that is used to treat ticks and fleas and has been banned from being used on items that would be consumed by humans. There have been two arrests made after an investigation of a local company in Belgium sent over 190,000 eggs to France.

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