The Majority Of The French People Have Turned Against Macron

President E. Macron

Macron was the popular French candidate that made headlines back during his victory, but now it seems like the country is turning against him. The change in opinion may stem from recent labor rule changes and the latest polls are seemingly negative.

According to polls, 57 of French people of voting age are not satisfied with the current regime. The promise for tax cuts, for example, is one of the promises that the people are still waiting on. It also seems that the new President is a wasteful spender. £24,000 had been supposedly spent on just makeup from government coffers.

Macron's main platform was to reform and improve ties with the European Union. The stance on the EU is a controversial one as tensions continue to grow. He is also calling for closer financial ties amongst EU members. This is a goal that many see as useless until he can fix the finances of his own country. It will be hard for him to convince French voters that his stance on the EU will benefit France rather than a small group of elites.

Protesters are now taking to the streets after his announcement to make employment codes even looser, and that is upsetting many leftists. France had been known as a country that enjoyed many employee protections, but that may come to an end thanks to the plans of Macron. On the flip side, removing rigid employer rules may increase competition and increase employment rates at the cost of employees' quality of life.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a leftist political leader, is calling for protests in the streets. It is expected that he will be a leading opponent in the next upcoming election.

His approval rating is currently perceived to be as low as 26 percent and as high as 40 percent. It is a sad sight considering that he entered office with a staggering 62 percent approval rating.

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