Emmanuel Macron Adopts a Dog

President E. Macron

Although Emmanuel Macron's poll numbers have suffered a bit recently, there is one French citizen who is always happy to see him. This patriotic French citizen's name is Nemo and he happens to have four legs. After a few weeks of bad publicity—some generated due to the revelation that Macron has spent over $30,000 for makeup services—Nemo has provided a much-needed boost for his owner.

Indeed, it already seems as though Nemo is perfectly suited for the unique challenges set forth in the position of First Dog of France. Like Macron himself, Nemo happens to be fairly young for the job. He's only two years old, and the stunning labrador-griffon mix boasts a beautiful black coat and warm brown eyes. The rescue dog began his new life last weekend, when an auspicious meeting occurred between himself and his new masters. Although he has been seen in official locales such as the Elysee Palace, Nemo also manages to make time for leisure activities such as fetch. Brigitte Macron has been seen playing with the new First Dog, who seems to have quite a bit of pep in his step.

The name Nemo holds a special place in Emmanuel Macron's heart, as he is said to be a big admirer of the author Jules Verne, who wrote Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Of course, the new First Dog is named after the great Captain Nemo. Already taking part in official meetings, this Nemo has proven that he possesses the leadership chops to make it as First Dog. After all, not everyone gets a chance to meet the leader of an African country during their first week on the job. Ever the professional, Nemo handled this engagement with ease.

Like other great leaders, Nemo follows in the tradition of others. President Hollande also owned a labrador when he was in office. It certainly makes sense that Macron would want to adopt a canine friend. As every president knows, it can get lonely at the top. And there's nothing like the company of a four-legged friend to make things better.

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