President Macron Is Putting His Promised Labor Reforms In Place

President Macron

Donald Trump is not the only politician who makes what some call, “ambitious promises” on the campaign trail. French President Emmanuel Macron did the same thing when he was running for president. And according to, he is delivering some of those promises. One important promise, labor reform, is becoming a reality thanks to a recent executive order by the president. Macron wants to create jobs, and he wants his country to know he is a business friendly president. Macron told voters he would take on the big labor unions. And that is exactly what he is doing by overhauling rigid and protective labor regulations.

Macron’s labor reforms will cut the power of labor unions, and allow bosses to negotiate working conditions as well as work terms. Plus, these new measures will limit the amount of severance pay. Macron believes his plan will bring down the massive unemployment that has hurt the country for decades.

President Macron has also put a startup program in place that will put France in the running to win the tech race. Even though there is no official tech race, there is an unspoken race between countries who want to take advantage of this huge new industry. Silicon Valley may be the face of the startup industry, but Macron wants France to be the smile on that face.

But the president knows the French don’t like reforms, so he expects the CGT, the biggest labor union in France, to create some political upheaval over his new labor executive order. The French have a history of violent demonstrations. Former President Francois Hollande got to see those demonstrations play out last year.

Conversations about Macron’s labor changes started in May, and the only labor group that was against those reforms was the CGT. The CGT is the Communist-backed union if France. Even though Macron won the election, only 40 percent of the voting public approves of his performance so far. Macron’s administration is not communicating the way some of the French people want him to communicate. There are also some political missteps in place, and that has put some people off.

Even though Macron’s rating needs a boost, Medef, Pierre Gattaz, the prominent head of the employers' confederation wants Macron to be bold and make the necessary labor changes. Labor reforms were a secret a week ago, but they aren’t anymore. Macron is taking Gattaz’s bold advice.

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