Paris Has Taken Farming To The Next Level By Planting On Rooftops To Make The City More Sustainable

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Paris Has Taken Farming To The Next Level By Planting On Rooftops To Make The City More Sustainable
Desportes is one of the founder members of the Aeromate that runs the farm. Desportes said that the plants grow so much at the moment that they have to harvest daily. Bees and other insects are buzzing around the plants because of the sweet smell. The farm is located next to the RATP building in the middle-class district of Paris. People who pass nearby enjoy the fresh and appetizing smell. None of them can locate the origin.
The farm was started in July 2017 after agricultural talks that were held in Paris to make the city environmentally conducive. Paris targets to transform 33 hectares of unused urban space into urban agriculture by 2020. The farms mainly focus on growing seasonal fruits, fresh herbs, and vegetables. The plants include different species of peppers, zucchini, lettuce, and tomatoes. Plants are grown hydroponically. This is a hydro culture method where plants are grown by use of mineral nutrient solutions in pure water without using soil.

France Will Soon Use Armed Drones To Operate Deadly Unmanned Aircraft
Florence Parly is the defense minister in France. Florence Parly said that he decided to begin the process of arming their intelligence and surveillance drowns to catch up with the number of countries that operate armed drones. France serves a lot of unarmed reaper drones in monitoring jihadist group in Africa. The drones were expected to pose a challenge to the armed terrorists. United States of America, Israel, Italy, and Britain are among the countries that have armed drones. These weapons are mostly used in the conflict areas of Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The French Chief Of Armed Forces Quits After a Clang With Emmanuel Macron Over Economical Cuts
General Pierre de Villiers is the head of French military. He has quit his job after publicly arguing with Emmanuel Macron about prosed budgetary cuts. General de Villiers said that he had planned to maintain the French defense force to meet the changing times. He said he could not guarantee full protection of France and the French people with the proposed budget. He continued to say that he had tendered his resignation to Mr. Macron and that the President had noted it. The French government is planning to cut the defense budget of 2017 to bring the deficit of France below the limit of three per cent GDP. Mr. Villiers told the parliamentary committee that he would not let the government minimize his spending.

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