Kate Middleton Wins Settlement Against French Magazine

In 2012, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge had her privacy violated when France's Closer magazine published topless photos of the princess. Now, a verdict has been reached saying that the magazine owes her and her husband William monetary damages.
William and Kate, the Royal Couple, sued the French magazine after they were in France for 3 days when the photos were taken. Their lawyers claim that their privacy was violated since they were on private property when photographers violated their privacy, shooting intimate photos with long lens cameras.
The Royal Couple asked for a €1.5 million settlement from Closer Magazine. Their lawyers are stating that they arrived at this amount after careful consideration, since having the photos published was similar to the violation of Princess Diana's privacy many years ago. The Royal Family feels that photographers were responsible for Diana's death. Most people feel that this ultimately led to Princess Diana's death.
The amount that they were awarded was 190,000 euros. The court penalized both the magazine and its editor for the breach of privacy against the Duchess. Neither William or Kate attended the trial.
The photographer responsible for the pictures tried to sell them five years ago to British magazines, who refused to buy them. Finally, the French Magazine purchased and published the offending pictures. The editor and owner of the magazine were both ordered by the court to pay 45,000 euros each as a fine. This is the maximum amount allowed.
After the incident occurred, the Royal Family was infuriated, stating that while on any vacation, William and Kate should be allowed their privacy. Being at a private home should give the couple the expectations that they deserve.
Reproduction of the photos has been banned. The Royal Family hopes that the outcome of this lawsuit will prevent any incidents like this to happen in the future.

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