Clearabee Steps in to Help Amid Rubbish Clearance Strike


The Birmingham rubbish strike began on June 30. It has created a slew of problems for locals who simply want their rubbish to be removed in a timely and thorough manner. Locals are wondering about when and where waste collections will be made. Plenty have questioned how government officials will go about clearing the refuse piles that are becoming increasingly odorous and unsightly as time progresses. Clearabee is here to help with all of your rubbish clearance needs. Let's take a look at the details of the situation.


The Rubbish Strike Resumes


The Unite union has resumed its daily three hour strike along with consistent breaks. The rubbish workers return to depots for these breaks. The three hour daily strike occurs during the following times: 07:00, 10:30 and 13:00 BST. The bin strike officially resumed following the Birmingham City Council's issuing of redundancy notices on waste staff employees. The issuing of such notices is meant to protect the council's financial and legal positions.


Howard Beckett, the assistant general secretary of the Unite union, labeled the council as a “shambles”. He also cautioned that Birmingham neighborhoods will soon be loaded with pile upon pile of rubbish that will last all the way through the end of the year. Though Clearabee never issued an official press release, we have contributed to the rubbish clearance efforts during the bin collectors' strike. Our goal is to keep your yard, sidewalk and street as clean as possible. Put your faith in Clearabee's rubbish clearance team and your property will look spectacular regardless of how long the rubbish strike lasts.


Strike Response Details


Civil leaders initially responded by providing a plan to eliminate rubbish across the following two weeks. This plan established rubbish clearance dates for city wards. As an example, September 4 bin collectors are to gather rubbish from Aston on a daily basis from Monday to Thursday. Friday is rubbish clearance day for East Handsworth and Lozells. Collections will take place on Monday and Tuesday for Handsworth Wood, Yardley North, Stechford and Brandwood. You can obtain more information about the temporary waste collection schedule by visiting the City Council's website.


Refuse collection services have been amended considering the circumstances. The street cleansing crews and refuse collection teams are now visiting neighborhoods at different times. Street cleansing crews are picking up sacks as well as side waste such as rubbish left at the side of the street in wheelie bins. The refuse collection teams are picking up the bins. This approach is meant to facilitate street cleanliness during the strike. If your residual bin (the one with the grey lid) is overflowing, do not panic. The council requests that you attempt to close the lid as firmly as possible. Be sure to place excess rubbish at the side of the bin. This rubbish should be secured in a bag. It is also possible for those who own a vehicle to transport their waste to the closest Household Recycling Centre.


Why the Strike is Taking Place


The rubbish strike began when plans, initially tabled earlier this summer, caused a redundancy of Grade 3 bin lorry employees by autumn. According to council head John Clancy, the proposals would allegedly provide a superior service that is highly efficient. He specifically noted that these proposals would keep Birmingham's budget intact. A preliminary draft of an agreement allegedly reached at Acas was to be discussed at an upcoming meeting. However, the meeting was canceled at the last minute. Unions were subsequently informed in a letter sent from Stella Manzie, the council chief executive, that bin collectors would be served with redundancy notices.


The change of plans is undoubtedly centered on financial commitments. Yet it is partially attributable to the council's desire for the power to punish litter-louts with a fine of up to £150. There is a question as to whether a deal really was in place. There was allegedly an agreement in principle to keep the Grade 3 in place. The Grade 3 workers are tasked with ensuring the rear portions of refuse vehicles are safe. As a result, no redundancy steps were formulated.


The unexpected turn of events left Unite union members quite livid. The union has stated the council's reneging on the alleged deal is a “deeply provocative” move. The union's position is that rubbish clearance employees should not have to take a pay cut of several thousand pounds to remain employed. The council responded by stating the terms proposed by the union are unaffordable. It is worth noting that the council pointed out alternative jobs at the exact same grade and salary levels were available for such employees.


An Ugly Result


The result of the strike is quite unsightly. Many local streets have been tainted with disgusting piles of rubbish that would have continued to ascend toward the sky had rubbish clearance aficionados like Clearabee not stepped in. The problem has grown worse since the strike action was suspended on August 16 when talks between the city council and the Unite union occurred. Though the council has apologized for the problems associated with insufficient rubbish clearance, the group's inability to reach an agreement with union members is quite alarming.


One can only wonder how long this particularly nasty strike will last. It is important to note that there are some public health risks associated with the buildup of rubbish. When in doubt, lean on Clearabee for prompt and comprehensive rubbish clearance at an affordable price. We will clean up your property, remove your rubbish in as green a manner as possible and dramatically reduce the odds of rubbish-related sickness or disease spreading through your neighborhood.


What Happens if the Strike Does not End?


Unite members have warned the rubbish strike will continue into the new year unless the two sides can find middle ground. If the council does not withdraw the redundancy notices, rubbish clearance services will undoubtedly remain disrupted. It is certainly possible that the strike will continue for weeks or even months. In such a scenario, Clearabee will continue to perform rubbish clearance throughout the area to keep local streets, yards and properties looking and smelling their best.






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