Emmanuel Macron in Greece

President E. Macron

When it comes to the European Union, Emanuel Macron is seen as the next leader. Many experts applaud him for his photo vision particularly following the ambitious plan that he presented recently on how he would love to transform the EU democracy. This happened last Thursday, and the French president is fighting against Acropolis drop in Europe. At the moment, Emanuel Macron is on a two-day tour of his grand European tour. He is visiting Greece for two days on official matters related to the European Union. Emanuel Macron was elected as the president of France some months ago gaining 66 percent of the vote. He made history by being one of the first leaders in Europe to address the world from Pnyx hill. This is considered as the place where European democracy began. While making the address, Emanuel Macron took the opportunity to address the need for democratic renewal as well as talk to his supporters in Greece. The Financial Times reported that his message was tailor-made to fit a European country that has been through a lot. For instance, Greece is emerging from economic recession. At the same time, the European nation had defaulted sovereign debt on a number of occasions. Some of these funds are provided by the International Monetary Fund as well as the European Union.

Accompanying the president were other executives from France. In total, there were 40 executives from French institutions. Major corporations that were represented included L’Oreal and Total. The Greek people were right to welcome Emanuel Macron as he has always been for revamping the Eurozone. They also have a history with Mr. Macron as he supported them during the bailout crisis of 2015. Back then, Emanuel Macron was working as the minster of economy in France under the administration of Francois Hollande. During the speech, Mr. Macron had harsh words for the IMF. He said that the institution has no role to play in the European Union. At the same time, he demanded the institution to show some respect for Greece while negotiating the debt crisis. This criticism serves to strengthen the position of Greece and the European Union. Both want IMF to stop leading the bailout process. The two are good news for the two bodies as it would lead to the rise of European Monetary Fund. This is very crucial in the formation and functioning of the European Stability Mechanism that is responsible for bailout.

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