The Making of Great Power with Emmanuel Macron

President E. Macron

Since Emmanuel Macron became the French president, he has always had a point to prove. In his latest endeavors, the French president wants to demonstrate to the world that France is a nuclear heavyweight. This is why he decided to travel to Greece last week to convince Chinese president Xi Jinping that he has a responsibility to play in stopping North Korean nuclear ambitions. This comes after North Korea launched a missile over Japan for the second time in one month. Emmanuel Macron has already spoken about the issue to other world leaders such as Angela Merkel of Germany. He has also expressed his concerns to Italy and the United Kingdom. In August, the French president talked to Donald Trump following the detonation of an underground hydrogen bomb by North Korea. Despite being 8,000 kilometers away from North Korea, Emanuel Macro wants to be involved in finding a solution. This means that he will be travelling to New York later this month when the United Nations is expected to discuss North Korea. There is a concern about the role of a western nation taking the lead when it comes to world security, and this might be the reason why Emanuel Macron is interested in finding a solution.

Donald Trump is portraying an erratic behavior while the United Kingdom is currently involved in Brexit negotiations. As for Germany, the country lacks serious military. This leaves Emanuel Macrons as the only leader from a nuclear-armed nation with the capability of leading the case in the UN Security Council. This offers France the opportunity to establish themselves as the traditional powerhouse they once were. An Atlantic Council member and a scholar at Science PO in France known as Nicholas Dungan says that there is void. He discredits the notion that it’s just optics. Despite devoting his energy to the French economy and the European Union, there is hope for France as his efforts are opening the nation to a global standing. If he can succeed, there will be an increased virtual circle for France which is likely to give rise to a stronger economy. At the same time, France will have an assertive global presence which will also benefit the European Union. While talking to the Le Point Magazine, Emanuel Macron talked about the need for France to become a great power. However, Macron said that for this to happen, they must have the economic means.

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