Street Protests in France over Labor Code Amendment

Labor Code Amendment

Emmanuel Macron seems to have learned something from Donald Trump which is signing executive orders. Just the other day, the French president decided to sign an executive order that would ensure that the sweeping changes in the controversial labor code amendment are implemented. To rub salt into the wound, Macron decided to sign the order in a ceremony that had been highly managed. This is similar to what President Trump has done on a number of occasions. Notable ones include banning Muslims from six nations entering the US and suspending DACA. The defiant ceremony for Macron’s case was broadcasted on TV from the French premier’s desk at Elysee Palace two days ago. Many political analysts see this as a move by Emmanuel Macron to prove to the French people that he is a reformer. During the televised broadcast, Macron labeled his wide-ranging pro-business reforms as without any precedent. France has seen two days of protests that have been led by labor unions. They are protesting against the changes by Emanuel Macron. His plans to reform the labor code have been criticized by the opposition who say that the plans will likely favor businesses rather than workers. These changes will affect many sectors of the French economy including the private sector.

For starters, Emmanuel Macrons suggests a cap on the payout that can be made in case of an unfair dismissal. At the same time, there is a suggestion to give employers more freedom when it comes to firing and hiring employees. According to labor experts, these changes are geared towards giving the employer the flexibility associated with pay and conditions negotiations. This makes it cheaper for companies to lay off unproductive employees. Emmanuel Macron and his government see this as the only way that they can solve the country’s unemployment that has been there for several decades. However, French media reported that few number of people turned out compared to last year’s protests when Francois Hollande and his socialist party tried to loosen labor laws. More street protests are expected in the country in the coming days. Just yesterday, carefully planned protests were successfully held thanks to Jean Luc Melenchon the leftwing MP. More protests are expected in autumn. While talking to the CNN last week, Emmanuel Macron said that he is a firm believer in democracy. However, he explicitly said that democracy cannot be found on the streets. Quite a number of people in France believe that the amendments will help boost the economy.

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