France "Stands United" With USA As Darkened Eiffel Tower Remembers Victims Of Las Vegas Mass Murder Shooting

Darkened Eiffel Tower

It's a fitting and most beautiful gesture that seems to be growing in numbers around the world. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has emphasized to people everywhere with the hashtag "we are united."

Paris's Eiffel Tower is the latest to honor the 59 people in Las Vegas who were killed during Sunday night's largest mass murder in United States history. According to an item in the U.K.'s The Telegraph, the stunning landmark went dark on Monday night at midnight to remember the fallen concertgoers who were merely trying to enjoy the Rt. 91 Harvest of country music right by the busy Las Vegas Strip.

The Eiffel Tower joined New York City's also darkened Empire State building to honor the murdered and more than 500 injured during the barrage of gunfire that emanated from the 32nd-floor hotel suite in Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Police say that Stephen Paddock smashed the windows in his room just after 10 p.m. that evening and opened fire with an assault rifle 400 yards away to the open venue concert across the street.

Police were able to find his room quickly because all the smoke from the gunfire had set off the fire alarms.

The suspect died following the murderous rampage. The 64-year-old millionaire retiree allegedly killed himself when police got to the room and blew the door down.

Currently, authorities are searching for a motive as they investigate the large cache of weapons the lone killer had assembled inside the hotel suite. Some 23 firearms were found in the room along with two semi-automatic AR-15-style assault rifles.

France has also seen its share of violence and murder. Earlier on Sunday, the city of Marseilles had a tragic event unfold. Police say that a man stabbed two young women to death outside the main train station there.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Marseilles attacks and also the deadly mass murder in Las Vegas hours later. The FBI is investigating those claims, but so far, it is not believed that Stephen Paddock had any terrorist ties. French authorities are also looking into whether the assailant had any ties with Islamic extremism.

The suspect had screamed "Allahu akbar!" as he stabbed the women in two separate attacks. Soldiers fatally shot the alleged killer.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that he was "deeply outraged" by Sunday's "barbarous" knife attack.

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