France Stands by the Spanish Government


Reports have emerged from Paris that the French capital will not recognize Catalonia if the plan to break away from Spain goes through. The French government also requested the two sides to find an amicable solution that would end the worst constitutional crisis in Spain. The crisis that currently faces Spain is as a result of the regional government wishing to be recognized as a sovereign state. This led to a referendum two weeks ago. Nathalie Loiseau, who is the French European foreign affairs minister said in a speech that should Catalonia go ahead with the move; this would be considered as unilateral by France meaning that they would not recognize it as a federal state. While talking to CNews television, the minister said that the future of Catalonia should not be left in the hands of a movement that is seeking for independence. He further said that the easiest way to solve the issue was to involve all levels of the Spanish politics. At the same time, he echoed what the European Union has constantly said that should Catalonia break away from Spain, it will fall outside the jurisdiction of Spain. This means that the region would have to reapply for membership.

He said that if the independence vote was to be realized, Catalonia would be kicked out of the Union. The regional president Carles Puigdemont is expected to present the outcomes of the referendum today. He will be presenting the results to the regional parliament. The regional government of Catalonia says that 90 percent of the people who participated in the process voted for independence. The referendum was held on 1st October. According to statistics, only 2.3 million people participated in the process. The region has a population of 5.3 million eligible voters. At the moment, it’s not clear what the regional president will choose. He can choose to stand by the results of the referendum or settle for a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain. He appeared on Catalonia TV3 where he said that the Spanish government was not willing to address the issue. He threatened that if the Spanish government fails to address the issue appropriately, they will be forced to act accordingly. The Spanish government through the Prime Minister Soraya Saenz Santamaria said that it would react to a declaration of independence. While he said that they would act, he did not clarify on the measures that could be taken. France has made its stand known that it supports the Spanish government.

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