OneLogin Compares Cyber Security to the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones


Using the things that interest people might be the most effective way to teach. OneLogin recently used this tactic in an article that sought to teach cyber security using Game of Thrones. With the show having concluded this August, it is still fresh on people’s minds. The writer sought to draw three lessons that organizations can learn about cyber security from the Night’s Watch (guardians of the wall).

Eliminate zombie accounts

In season one of GoT, the Night’s Watch retrieve two bodies of their missing colleagues from the forest and bring them to the castle. However, one of the bodies turns to be a wight (bad zombie) and attacks Jon Snow.

In the same way, cybersecurity teams should not assume that because an employee no longer works for the company, their access to the company’s servers is no longer active. Thus, cybersecurity teams need to deactivate all former employee accounts.

Protect yourself from potential threats

The great families in GoT fail to take the threat of White Walkers seriously. They think that if such a threat were to occur, the wall would be sufficient protection. However, this hubris proves costly in the end.

Companies should also invest in increasing their protection against security threats even though there is a low likelihood of the threat occurring.

Security is everyone’s role

After Jon Snow discovers that the King’s Landing is not going to be sending more troops, he decides to work with the people he has. Snow orders anyone who can fight in the kingdom to be taught and enlisted to protect the wall.

In the same way, employees should be taught the importance of observing security measures such as using secure passwords. They should also identify and report any suspicious activity that might be perceived as a threat to the company.

OneLogin is an identity and access manager that manages the secure access to your systems from multiple devices and platforms. The cloud-based service allows companies to reduce costs and strengthen their security while freeing up their security to perform more tasks easily.

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