Lion Cub Rescued After Being Abandoned in Paris Flat

Lion Cub

Some people will do anything to make a good impression, even going so far as to hire an exotic animal to display as a pet. At least that’s what one Paris man has done. Unfortunately, the lion cub he rented wasn’t treated as the prized possession the man intended him to be.
Social Media Led to the Lion Cub’s Rescue
The unnamed individual responsible for hiring the lion cub did so to show off, say authorities. In fact, it was his social media presence, which included selfies taken with the lion cub that led to an investigation. Upon having the photos brought to their attention, Paris police began searching for the exotic pet.
The photos featured the 24-year-old man posing with the thinning baby lion. It wasn’t long before police officers were able to confront the individual at his home. Unfortunately, the lion cub wasn’t present at that address. Questioning the man, they discovered that the photos had been taken at another address and it was there that the lion was being kept.
The fire service was first on the scene at the northeastern Noisy-le-Sec suburb and discovered the baby lion alone. Authorities assume the cub had been abandoned for a considerable length of time, because he was found to be “wasting away” and without any food on the premises. The lion cub was snared in a lasso, so it could be transported to an animal rights group equipped to handle exotic animals.
As for the man responsible for the lion cub’s condition, he was arrested by police. He was charged with illegally harboring a wild animal within the city. There’s no word on what punishment he may face, if convicted of the crime.
Last year, a tiger cub was similarly abandoned in a Paris suburb, northeast of the city. The baby tiger was rented by a drug dealer for a few euros, because he wanted to take photos with the exotic animal. While these cases aren’t common, they do occur from time to time. A measure of responsibility comes with accepting the care of an animal, whether it’s wild or domesticated. Even in cases where the animal is rented or hired for a very brief period, it’s still important to ensure the safety and welfare of the animal. Leaving a tiger or lion cub to starve not only threatens the life of the animal, but creates a greater danger to the public. Left to its own, a wild animal will look for other sources of food.

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