Macron Unveils Economic Laws, His First Signature in Office

President E. Macron

French is known for having well established trade unions for labour. Despite that fact, the new president, Macron, has signed the implementation of a new labour law. This is his first economic signature since he was elected. Having promised to deliver a transformative law to the labour fraternity, Macron has acted against the normal trade unions by pushing this law ahead. The ambitious law reforms employment packages.

Profile of Implementation

Apparently, the powerful trade unions have been a threat to the economy of France. Having stated that they would bring the country to a halt by rioting, Macron acted on the basis of securing cooperation through unions. The government, under the leadership of Macron, is set to develop new reforms ahead of the upheaval. According to the prime minister of France, Mr. Edouard Philippe, the new law is ambitious, fair and balanced.

Profile of Labour Laws

Offering a speech through Le Point Magazine, Macron stated that the reforms on labour laws have a transformative effect. He cited the comparison to Nicolaus Copernicus, a man who changed the universe's perception by initiating the idea of the earth going round the sun and not the reverse like many would think. Macron has been termed to be controversial with the past initiatives he has chaired as the president considered to be of the Roman Empire.


The labour law has a plan that incorporates five segments. The major focus is on scaling back the power of the judges by preventing the lay-off of workers. Initially, judges had the power to affirm lay-offs. The new labour law curbs the operations of trade unions on small scale firms. This is a move towards scaling down the decision making powers of the trade unions in major ways. In future, this will hardly be possible. Another effect of this law is curbing of the limit yet unfair dismissal of workers. The law also allows bosses to hold meetings on negotiations appended to working terms in addition to conditions.


According to Macron, these laws have been affected to make the labour industry more productive. He also argued that the law injects flexibility to the industry. To him, the industry is rigid and strict. France holds the only economy in EU that has hardly affected mass unemployment laws. This is inappropriate as many are left unemployed. The current reforms are set to curb unemployment as they shall be considered constitutional in a few months.

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