Paris plans to ban the use of Petrol Cars by 2030

Anne Hildago

Anne Hildago, who is the Paris Mayor, recently revealed her plan to eliminate the use of petrol cars by the end of 2030 to make the city greener. She has also promised to ban all diesel vehicles before 2024. The city’s officials believe that it would not be hard to get rid of all combustion engine cars since 60 percent of the residents do not own a car. Paris’ current public transport system includes RER and Metra train system as well as the city’s bus. The city plans to improve the system before 2030. STIF, which is the transport authority, has pledged to offer €1.6 billion to enhance transport in 2017 while the construction of Grand Paris Express (super Metro) is in progress. The development of the rail commenced in May 2016, and it will be ready for use before 2030.

The elimination of the petrol engine cars is predicted to lower the cost of living for the people in Paris. Statistics indicate that one needed €5,897 to maintain a petrol engine cars in 2016. The amount is projected to lower to about €490 when using the non-combustion engine vehicles. Individuals who prefer using bicycles than cars would even incur a lower cost of the transport. Despite the elimination of petrol cars being cheap, people who live in the suburbs will have a problem reaching the transport system. These individuals will whoever have the option of acquiring new electric car models.

The ban of petrol cars in Paris might deny people living in the suburbs access to the capital. Residents traveling to the city by using the public transport system will have a problem getting to their homes at night since the trains are not available. It will be quite expensive for most of the residents to pay €50 to get home by taxi. Research that was done by a French university indicated that residents who are not able to live in the city would visit it less often due to lack of a reliable means of transport.

Many car manufacturers are getting ready to transform to the use of the green energy. Renault is planning to release 12 electric car models by 2022. Eight of the models that it will be launching will have zero emissions. Ford has currently invested $4.5 billion in the manufacture of electric cars. Other brands that have ventured in the development of electric vehicles include Aston Martin, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

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