Emmanuel Macron to Address the Nation on Sunday

President E. Macron

For the past few days, Emmanuel Macron has been labelled as a president of the rich. At the same time, his opponents have described him as a person who gives much attention to the wealthy while ignoring the plight of the poor common man. Following these accusations, the young French president said that he would be addressing the issue to ensure that he drives his point home. The address will be on live TV, and it will be the first since he took office. During the French elections, Emanuel Macron, who has been described by many as a pro-business centrist managed to overcome Marine Len Pen, the far-right candidate. Since he became president in May, Macron has broken the tradition where French presidents address the nation through the TV. Instead, he has chosen the long speeches where he has addressed a number of issues, especially the European Union reforms. He has also become notorious for making comments on public walkabouts. While his approval ratings plunged during the summer, his presidency and success were faced with doubts and uncertainty. However, the approval ratings have stabilized in the last few weeks. He is set to address his political base which is still in the dark about his political project as well as how the so-called Macronism is likely to impact their lives. Emanuel Macron has in the past said that his political project is both right and left.

At the moment, Emmanuel Macron faces stiff criticism about his proposed France transformation. Some of the key manifesto promises by Emmanuel Macron was to transform the French labor laws. From his campaign days, Emanuel Macron always complained about the labor laws saying that they were pulling France down as they gave employees too much power. This made it impossible for employers to hire the right employees as the process was quite expensive. While the opposition remains fragmented, Emanuel Macron has been accused of being too comfortable. He has also been accused of favoring the wealthy by suggesting a wealth tax reform. This is a reform that has earned him the title “President of the Rich.” He has also been accused of making comments that undermine the working class. Before Emanuel Macron became a politician, he used to be an investment banker. The address on Sunday is supposed to assure the French people that he is about to embark on the second phase of his transformation. He has even been described a Jupiter, the Roman god of gods.

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