Igor Cornelsen Is Giving Three Valuable Tips to Invest in a Growing Foreign Market

Brazil is in the perfect position for investors to jump back into the country’s growing financial sector. The big boys, like Igor Cornelsen, that hung around waiting for this day are just starting to reap maximum benefits. Brazil’s economy is back to consistently posting positive gains, the economic turmoil is ending, and China is back in full production mode to add to the party.

But if you’ve never invested in a foreign property before, there are definitely some things that you’re going to need to know. Namely, you have to understand what to expect from putting your money into a different country. With Brazil, there are some unique issues to consider before you dream of spending a dollar. Igor Cornelsen breaks those down here, alongside some helpful strategies for avoiding pitfalls and maximizing personal gain, without taking too much risk.

Get Familiar With Currency Restrictions

Brazil has strict currency controls. For example, if you are not a resident or local business, you have to find an authorized bank to exchange. There are also multiple exchange rates depending on the type of transaction. A truly smart person could use this to their advantage, but research into the currency laws is essential.

Connect With the Natives

Brazil is full of entrepreneurs and people who are business oriented. Relationships and networking are what keep businesses going in Brazil. According to Igor Cornelsen, it should be fairly simple to network and connect in the country. The article claims 25 percent of Brazilians between 18 and 64 are self-starters in business. Additionally, Brazilians like to talk and are genuinely welcoming, so it is easy to do impromptu focus groups and to solicit new ideas.

Prepare for the Red Tape

The Brazilian government has been heavy on regulations, so it can be difficult to make into business with red tape blocking people. Even though the market is getting bigger, it is still delicate, which is why there are so many regulations. It is a good idea to research them ahead of time to be prepared to handle the unavoidable ones and avoid the ones possible.

Brazil is coming back from the brink of an economic disaster. That’s what Brazil does, according to Igor. Mr. Cornelsen knows the “ins and outs” of investing in the Brazilian market. He left Brazil to play golf in Florida, but he couldn’t stay away from the excitement that is part of life in Brazil. Cornelsen’s investment firm helps foreign investors navigate the rocky economic waters in Brazil, and his investors are happy with his investment strategy because it works.

Igor Cornelsen offers his investors these important tips before they sink money into Brazilian assets, All investors should connect with Brazilians living in Brazil. Investment advice from a Brazilian is worth its weight in gold, according to Mr. Cornelsen. They see the market changing, and they also see the circumstances that will make an investment profitable. Expect to unravel a lot of red tape. Brazil’s government is notorious for over regulating and under-performing. High taxes, silly regulations, and a restrictive labor market can make any investment in Brazil a nightmare unless investors make informed decisions.

Investors should know all the foreign currency restrictions. Investors must find an authorized bank that deals with foreign exchange and local currency restrictions. There is no set exchange rate for foreign currency. The transaction sets the exchange rate. There is a commercial exchange rate, but the Central Bank of Brazil can change that rate at any time, according to Cornelsen. Using the wrong foreign exchange rate can be devastating from an investment standpoint. Mr. Cornelsen likes to say, “there is no such thing as free money in Brazil.” But there is potential to make money in Brazil if investors follow his advice.

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