Pope John Paul II’s Statue causes a dispute between France and Poland

Pope John Paul II

A statue that was erected to honor the late Pope John Paul II became a center of a diplomatic crisis a few days ago. A French court ruled in favor of the removal of a cross that is on the pope’s statue citing that it is against the country’s laws that support secularism. The order that was issued by the court has led to a diplomatic argument between France and Poland, which is the motherland of the late pontiff. Officials of the Poland government opposed the move and even proposed to transfer the statue to their county to end what they called “dictates of political correctness.”

The John Paul II statue was offered to the mayor of Ploermel, western France. It comprises of a curving of the pope standing under an arch. It also has a Christian cross on its top. Various France government officials have been fighting the existence of the statue for years since they believe that its presence infringes French laws that separate the church and the state. The highest administrative court of France, the Conseil d’Etat, supported the authorities by giving an order to take off the cross. The town has been given six months to comply. Some Polish officials have been having talks with the France government to allow them to transfer the statue to their country so that it can be saved from the restrictions.

Beata Szydło, who is the current Prime Minister of Poland, gave his opinion about the removal of the cross from the late Polish pope’s statue. According to her, Poland believes in Christianity since it unites the great people of Europe. She said that principles of political acceptability and the secularizing a nation were against the values of the European people. Szydło thinks that this would the cause terrorization of the people of Europe in their daily lives.

The ruling of the court has been opposed by several conservative French politicians. They have termed it as destructive to the history of France. French people have also started conducting campaigns on social media advocating for the retaining of the cross. According to the Roman Catholic Church in the country, the ruling of the Conseil d’Etat was balanced. The mayor of Ploermel, Patrick Le Diffon, proposed that dispute can be solved by selling the public land where the statue has been erected to an individual who can maintain the cross. Pope John Paul II was born Karol Jozef Wojtyla, and he acted as the pope as from 1978 to 2005 when he passed on at the age of 84.

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