Emmanuel Macron: The President of the Rich

President E. Macron

When Emmanuel Macron ascended to power some few months ago, he was referred to as the president with an infallible touch. However, time and circumstances have changed this to a president of the rich. This is the new term that he is been referred with in France by newspapers, television interviewers as well as economists. Some parliamentarians in France noted that the president has not shied away from dispensing the goodies that can only be afforded by the wealthy. And this comes barely six months since the 39-year-old former banker rose to power. He has been associated with two areas that the French people are very suspicious about. These two areas are the banker’s office and the corporate suite. Whichever direction you take, the term president of the rich seems to have stuck. France Unbowed party leader Francois Rufin recently said that the president had committed the crime using his own policy. For instance, he accused him of robbing the poor and giving it to the rich. An experienced economist who writes for the Le Monde known as Thomas Piketty accused the president of being guilty of historical sins, economic and heavy moral sins. Another person who didn’t spare the president was a lawmaker known as Emmanuelle Menard. He said that Emmanuel Macron is a guarantee to the rich that they will continue getting much from the poor. This is a lawmaker who is associated with the National Front.

However, despite the criticism, it’s important to give credit where it’s worth. The young president is moving at a fast rate in his early days as president to change the way that France deals with capitalism. Mr. Macron has tried to bring changes to France by implementing major reforms in the labor market. He is also working very hard to change the fiscal policy in France. These two strategies remain unchecked so far. While he has managed to divide the French labor, the demonstrations that opposed this move have fizzled. He has, however, achieved what he wanted all along which was to give French companies the power to create their own agreements with candidates of their choice. During a television interview, the leader of France Unbowed Jean –Luc Melenchon said that the president was winning the game and there was no point of hiding the truth. His popularity ratings continue to bounce up and down, and this helps keep his political persona relevant to his supporters of the French people.

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