Reviewing Some Must-Visit Uncommon Museums in France

France is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its unlimited cultures and attractions spread throughout the country. There are plenty of places to visit like the famous Eiffel Tower, as well as glorious sandy beaches to escape the fast city life. To explain the culture and history of the nation, there are various national museums established to serve that purpose. However, if you happen to be one of those travelers interested in the less spoken historical matters, there are several unusual museums you should definitely check out.

The Sewer Museum

As the Capital of France, Paris is very proud of its achievements, including its efficient sewer system. In honor of the sewer system, The Sewer Museum was established. The museum takes the shape of a tunnel, and along its walls are pictures of the engineers who set up the system, as well as a plan of the entire sewer grid. The mechanics employed to make the sewer system outstandingly effective are also explained at the museum.

Hat Making Museum

If you are a lover of hats, the Hat Making Museum is a must visit anytime you are in France. Just on the outskirts of Lyon, the museum has the most extensive collection of hats in all sizes and designs, with some designs dating as far back as the 18th century. Besides the collection, you will also be taken through the factories and the hat making processes explained in detail.

Museum of Magic

Many magicians perform on the streets of Paris every day. But if you are more into the history of magic, head down to the Museum of Magic. Located underground, you will be met by pictures of past magicians, some old magical equipment, and also learn about the ancient tricks. For an additional fee, you can also gain access to the wind-up toy museum.

Carnival Arts Museum

While modern-day carnivals are also enjoyable, many people know very little about the origin of carnivals. However, the Carnival Arts Museum offers every modern day carnival lover a look into its roots. From old merry-go-rounds to live music, the Carnival Arts Museum helps people understand the history of what they mostly see on television.

Vacationing in France does not have to be just about visiting and learning about mainstream France. The destinations mentioned above are only but a fraction of where you can learn more about the unspoken French history.

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