Sexual Harassment Claims in France

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment protests for women in France began many years ago. For instance, back in the winter of 1905, French women who made figurines and Limoges vases demonstrated in the streets because they were being used to satisfy the sexual urges of their male counterparts. What the women didn’t know is that their protests were illegal as they went against acceptable customs of the day. These customs, on the other hand, had been inherited from Middle Ages and they required women to provide sexual services to the feudal lords who had employed them. As we speak, there is a sexual harassment protest that’s taking place in France. The same is happening in the United States after an investigation that was done by the New York Times regarding Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer. These are the kind of protests that are characterized by hashtags such as Out Your Pig, #BalanceTonPorc and #MeToo. What remains unclear is whether the new wave will be enough to change the behavior that is causing this outrage. These are behaviors that have existed in France for as long as people can remember. A legal professional known as Marilyn Baldeck says that there is a big difference between tweeting and bringing the issue to court. At the moment, Mrs. Baldeck works with the European Association against Violence against Women as Work.

One of the biggest cases in France involves Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the man who wanted to be the French president before his hopes were derailed by the sexual harassment claims. These incidents are said to have happened when Mr. Kahn was working with the International Monetary Fund as a managing director. In France for instance, the number of women coming out into the public with sexual harassment claims is on the rise. This means that men in the private sector haven’t changed their predatory behavior. This has not only affected powerful men, but even the less –powerful men are being dragged into these accusations. This has been the case at the National Assembly of France where a number of prominent figures have been accused of sexual harassment. These are allegations that were still there last year. Women in France have had to fight for their rights including the abortion rights in the 1970s as well as the equal pay rights three decades ago. While they have emerged victorious on these different occasions, it remains unclear what they will manage to acquire this time.

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