French President Says No to Twitter

President  Macron

In an interview with Time Magazine that was released on Thursday, 9 November 2017, the President of France said that he thinks that Twitter is a bad pastime for somebody who is leading a country.

“I don’t tweet myself, and I don’t follow myself,” said Emmanuel Macron, who took office in May of this year.

He explained that the platform takes away the objectivity that a leader requires.

"To be president, you need some distance from events, from the permanent flows of news and reactions.”

This is a somewhat surprising position to take in this day of technologically savvy world leaders, and especially so for President Macron, who at 39 years old is the youngest president in the history of France.

It should be noted that President Macron's office does have an official Twitter account, though it does not seem as if he updates it personally. Around the day that he made this statement it had about 15 updates, most of which were just photograph and video links that were about his trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Some people seem to have taken President Macron's comments as a subtle jab at the United States' president, Donald Trump. The 71 year old leader is rather well known for his personal Twitter account, which he updates several times per day about all sorts of topics, political or otherwise. Often President Trump's tweets are stabs at his opponents or other people whom he does not like, and many times have become quite controversial.

It is not clear if President Macron meant this as an insult, however, because he also admits that while he has heard news about President Trump's tweeting, he does not follow the account of his American counterpart.

When asked more about his relationship with President Trump, President Macron said that the pair disagree about certain issues, such as the Paris climate accord and the nuclear deal with Iran. France supports both; President Trump does not, though the United States is a party to the latter, which was passed by President Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama.

However, President Macron was quick to note that his country and the United States are working closely on issues of security and counter-terrorism. He also emphasized the close bond between the two nations, which he said is “much stronger and much more important than the current presidents on both sides."

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