How French Citizens are slowly converting to the Black Friday Shopping Bonanza In The US

Black Friday

This week, people in France are to splash their hard earned money according to a survey. The French cash splash is said to be inspired by the Black Friday shopping bonanza in the United States. It is projected that the shoppers in France are set to spend €4.5 billion in shops and €845 million online this weekend. The reasons for so much money spending in France this weekend around is Black Friday. The shopping phenomenon was imported from the United States of America.

Black Friday offers shoppers massive discounts on the day after Thanksgiving Thursday which happens to be on the 23rd of November. Five years ago, Black Friday was launched in France. However, it took some time for the French consumers to embrace it wholeheartedly. The French are used to the traditional summer and January sales periods to enjoy trade discounts, and the idea of giving those massive cuts in November left them confused.

Many newspapers in France have had "C'est Quoi Black Friday?" (What's Black Friday?) As their headline for the most parts of the week. Articles in almost all the newspapers are trying to explain what Black Friday is to the French population. According to another survey, the French were unaware of the term Black Friday and what it entails just a few years ago. Probably the English name did not mean much to them. However, Black Friday seems to have taken off in 2017 and become one of the features to be found on the consumer’s calendar in France. The French have incorporated the shopping bonanza to their traditional summer and January sale after a slow start. According to a study carried out by the France’s CSA institute concluded in 2016, 21% of the people in France wanted to make the most out Black Friday. In 2017, the population participating in the shopping bonanza rose to 52%.

Another survey carried out by a federation for online shopping, Fevad, 69% of the French population will shop this weekend and spend an average of €187. When you take a quick look at the websites of some of the most prominent retailers in France like FNAC or Darty, you will notice Black Friday or Big weekend in their advertisements. The discounts are going to be offered for the whole weekend. However, some retailers have already started giving the discounts which conclude that Black Friday is now an event in France.

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