Castaner New Head of Republic on the Move

Christophe Castaner, a party loyalist and Macron supporter, was elected to head the Republic on the Move party, but not without controversy. So-called "rebels" within the LREM are not pleased with how the vote was conducted and are no longer impressed with Macron and what they perceive to be the "political scheming" that led to Castener's election.

The LREM attracted a great deal of attention and support during the presidential election, in part due to the party's centrist ideology. Without strong leadership on the right or the left, Macron was able to win the election. Immediately he began to promote pro-European policies and has met a great deal of resistance from trade unions, whose power is being diluted as new policies are put into play.

Despite the dissent within the LREM, supporters are pleased with Castaner's election. They see him as a person capable of bringing greater public support to Macron's less popular stances. One minister told reporters, on the condition of anonymity, that Castaner was what the young LREM party needed. The party is less than two years old, and the minister believes that Castaner can help the young party mature. The maturation will come from Castaner's ability to engage party members and offer leadership opportunities to emerging party members.

Castaner will have to leave his position as government spokesperson to take on the role of party head. The position is unpaid, and Castaner told party members, "Your vote gives me no rights, only responsibilities."

Castaner also stated that he saw his role in the party as one of "organizer" and "facilitator." Based on these statements, he is not anticipated to rule by a strong hand, but to encourage other party members to take on greater responsibilities and power.

The vote itself was performed by show of hands, a decision that angered some party members who believed this was a way to pressure more people into voting for Castaner.

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