Emmanuel Macron Speaks about Sexism

President Macron

Emanuel Macron on Saturday announced that his government was sick with sexism. As a result, his government will embark on a mission that will call for gender equality. At the same time, he said that his government would work hard to ensure that they deal with sexual harassment claims in the country. He promised that these would be the priorities of his government as he fights sexual crimes. One of the remedies will involve making it possible for assaulted women to report the issue and press charges. This talk took place at an event that had been sponsored by the French government. The event was referred to as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It took place in Paris. Emanuel Macron also said that he would ensure that France is not one of the nations where women cannot speak because they are afraid.

He will make it his mission that the blame game changes sides. He was speaking from the presidential palace. He reminded the people of France that two women die every week due to gender violence. He was talking about the official number of people killed by the people they are currently married to and those that they have divorced. In 2016, close to 123 people were killed due to domestic violence. He asked the people present to observe a minute of silence for these victims. After the minute, he said that it’s the duty of every citizen to feel responsible. His support was appreciated by the feminists who work to alleviate the problem in France. Nonetheless, they said that his government had not committed enough resources to fight the evil.

This is an issue that was raised by the Osez le Feminisme. The organization said that some matters cannot be addressed without the necessary finances. As a result, it will be impossible carry out a number of activities such as supporting the victims, raising the awareness as well as training and communication in relation to the issue. Official statistics in France show that there were 225,000 cases of women violence in France last year. Less than 20 percent pressed for charges. This represents one woman in a group of five. The president said that he was pleased by the latest campaigns to root out sexual crimes. However, he said that he was afraid that France would degenerate to denunciation. He further said that he didn’t want every relationship to be viewed as suspicious.

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