President Macron Says That He Will Propose Military Action against Human Traffickers

Human Traffickers

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that he would propose military action against human traffickers in efforts to fight the slave trade of migrants. Macron made this statement in Ivory Coast during the 2017 African Union-European Union (AU-EU) summit. He also said that he would have meetings with the representatives of the African Union and the European Union to discuss the proposal of military action against human traffickers further. Macron noted that it was a criminal offense to engage in human trafficking. He added that it was not enough for responsible citizens of the world to just condemn the vice and take no action about it. He said that world leaders should cooperate in annihilating those networks and gangs involved in human trafficking.

The human trafficking networks have their operations in the vast Sahel region all the way to Libya. These networks also possess the necessary connections and infrastructure to get them across the Mediterranean Sea. However, President Macron stressed that he did not mean waging war in Libya when he proposed for military action to defeat these networks. He said that another war would be unfair for Libya because, since the fall of Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, Libya has experienced unprecedented miseries of civil war.

Macron would later tell journalists that Libya had reached an agreement to allow the evacuation of migrants who faced abuse in detention camps in the coming weeks. The leaders of France, Libya, Chad, Niger, Germany and other nations decided to undertake an emergency evacuation for those who were willing to be evacuated.

Human trafficking and slavery is a topic that has dominated the AU-EU summit this year. This debate was triggered by a footage of migrants from Africa being sold as slaves in Libya by CNN. The footage sparked a lot of controversy with the leaders of African nations calling out on the international community to act urgently to resolve the crisis. President macron said that the human traffickers in Libya had connections with terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda and that it was possible that they were the very people who waged war on the West.

Macron noted that the European Union in collaboration with the United Nations would work to solve the migrant human trafficking issue by targeting the source of the problem. He said the EU would be verifying identities of people before they get to Libya which will help in stopping the migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean.

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