The Paris Funeral of Johnny Hallyday Draws One Million People

Johnny Hallyday

One of the most popular entertainers in France has been laid to rest. Singer Johnny Hallyday lived the rock and roll lifestyle to its fullest. He would be happy to know that same spirit was carried on at his funeral through the streets of Paris. More than one million people came to pay their respects to the music icon. Rock music played on speakers. There were many bikers in attendance who revved their engines loudly in an unmistakable showing of respect. The church of La Madeleine is where the actual funeral took place. Johnny's band provided music for the funeral procession that they played live.

President Emmanuel Macron has said many times that he is a huge admirer of Hallyday's career. He became very emotional during the funeral. He gave a passionate speech to the large crowd. He said that he is happy that so many people came to watch the funeral procession. He said that Johnny's music meant so much to so many people. Therefore, it is only fitting that his fans express their gratitude for all of the years of great music that he created. Macron game Hallyday the highest compliment possible when he called the singer a national hero.

Hallyday's real name was Jean-Philippe Léo Smet. He had a very interesting career when you consider that he was virtually unknown outside of France. However, he still sold over 100 million albums during a career that spanned more than 50 years. He attempted to break into the American music market on several occasions. However, he was not able to be successful when it came to attracting audiences that only spoke English. He eventually realized that a music career in the United States was not going to happen for him. He then focused the rest of his career on touring France on a regular basis and putting out a new album almost every year.

Hallyday's ability to remain relevant for more than half a century is truly remarkable. The musical tastes of France constantly changed just like they do in all countries. However, Hallyday was always able to maintain a massive following of loyal fans. His albums always made it to the top of the French music charts. There has never been another French musician who has been able to stay popular for as long as Hallyday. It is unlikely that there will ever be another performer with his ability to attract new generations of fans.

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