French Government Officials Found complicit in the 1994 Genocide by a Report by Rwandan Authorities

Senior military and French government officials have been found complicit in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that claimed the lives of over 800,000 people. It has been found out that the weapons were supplied to the rebels who perpetrated one of the worst human atrocities of the 20th Century by French government officials. The report alleges that the French government has been obstructing any attempts by the Rwandan government and the international community to bring the architects of the massacre to justice.

The document known as the Muse report has received a commissioning by the government of Rwanda and was prepared and compiled by Cunningham Levy muse law firm from the United States. The report is part of an investigation by the state of Rwanda and the international community of the role played by the officials from the French government in the genocide.

On Tuesday, the report was published and analyzed information that was already in the public domain including the testimonies of those who witnesses the mass killings. There are claims in the Report that officials from deep inside the French government provided a haven for the architects of the genocide and also allowed the perpetrators to meet in the embassy for the French government in Kigali. The French officials would continue to form the interim government that was in power during the 100 days that the genocide took place. Louis Mushikiwabo, the Foreign affairs minister in Kigali, said that the report had brought to light an astonishing summary of the behavior of the French officials in the 1990’s in Rwanda.

Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, the Minister of state in the foreign relations ministry told Al Jazeera that the report revealed the long-term involvement of the French government with the genocide perpetrators. Nduhungirehe also noted that the government of Rwanda now had reports and information that showed that French officials and their government had been involved in the planning and execution of the mass killings that left almost a million dead.

The report has also been given to Paris to coerce the French government to declassify all information that is related to the 1994 genocide. One of the political analysts in Kigali, Gatete Nyiringabo said that declassifying the evidence held by the French government was of utmost importance. The political analysts noted that although the French officials made claims that they had nothing to hide from Rwanda and the international community, the evidence tabled by the Muse report proved otherwise.

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