Russia’s Information war with The Western Nations to Probably Have a New Front in France

President Macron

A new television channel in France, RT France, Took on President Macron just minutes after the start of its broadcasts on Monday. The scroll of the bottom button noted the accusation by Syrian President that the French President Macron is aiding global terrorism. The United States and France are the two powers on the forefront of removing the regime of the current president of Syria Bashar Al Assad. However, Mr. Assad has accused the French President and his government of playing a lead role in the prolonged Syrian civil war which has led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of Syrian nationals since 2011.

RT France is a public broadcaster in France which broadcasts in Russian and is also funded by Moscow. Some media experts have asserted that RT France is a propaganda and misinformation campaign tool used by the Russian government to spread rumors. The campaign is set to undermine the confidence by the community of nations in western nation’s foreign policy of upholding democracy.

Julien Nocetti, a fellow who specializes in Russian affairs, said that it remains a priority for the Russian government to create mistrust towards the west, their political leaders, and their media. According to Nocetti, this move by Kremlin would paralyze any efforts towards an amicable decision-making process in the Middle East regarding a lasting peace solution. Other critics said that the new TV channel would bring a fresh stance towards the crowded media landscape that is sometimes crowded.

Thierry Vedel, a researcher on democracy and media pluralism at Science Po, said that the repercussions by RT France are set to be minimal as the television station only reaches a limited target audience. Vedel said that the primary news channel in Paris shared a similar view and agenda which would be very unusual for them to give such reporting or any form of innovative coverage. One of the recorded interviews by President Macron in one of the news channels triggered a lot of criticism on social media platforms. Many people criticised Macron’s meeting for the respectful tone and soft questions asked.

Daniel Schneidermann said that just 24 hours after the French president did an interview in one of the country’s television stations, President Macron did not give any lesson to the Russian Head of state Vladimir Putin. Schneidermann is a prominent critic of the French media and made these statements in a written reference to Macrons interview. The executives of the RT France television network have insisted that there is a need for an alternative view when it comes to international news in France.

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