French Leaders Urge the European Union Not To Punish Britain for Leaving

European Union

The newly elected leader of the Republican Party in France, Laurent Wauquiez, made a statement requiring the European Union to give the UK a deal that was custom-made for them. In his speech, Wauquiez said that the European Union should be comfortable to make a tailor-made contract for the United Kingdom even as the country leaves the European Union. The Republican Party leader said that the plan would model a link between Britain and Europe’s common market, He noted the tailor-made deal would engineer a model of partnership that is different from the European member states, but favorable to the United Kingdom.

Wauquiez said that he did not like the way passions flew all across Europe that the British people were evil for passing a vote to exit from the European Union or that they should be punished for it. Wauquiez, who leads the official opposition party in France has divergent views with the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron. Wauquiez has repeatedly said that Macron had lost his sense of connection with the French people and instead strengthened his ties with the European Union. The Republican Party leader also said that President Macron had weakened the security systems in France and that the country was poorly defended since he took the oath of office.

Wauquiez was a former cabinet minister in the administration of former president Nicolas Sarkozy. However, he is now dedicated his efforts to rebuild the French conservative Party that has dominated the French political arena for the last four to six decades. Wauquiez is doing a cleanup for a mess that was created by the Party’s former presidential nominees Francois Fillon. Fillon was disqualified from the presidential race after he was found guilty of corruption scandals together with his wife. The calls by the opposition leaders in France for the striking of a fair deal that would be favorable to Britain comes after a stringent move by the leaders at the European Union.

The EU leadership said that the United Kingdom had a grace period of fewer than two years to exit from the European Union smoothly. The EU bosses also reiterated that Britain had to conform to all the laid out regulations of leaving the block. The UK will officially exit from the European on the midnight of the 29th of March next year. However, Mr. Barnier said that the EU would award Britain a grace period not exceeding two years until the end of 2020 to have entirely left the bloc.

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