Why Islamic Extremists have found a Safe Haven in France

Islamic Extremists

It has become an effort in futility to cast blame on the parties responsible for the emergence of more and newer Islamic extremists in the volatile region of the Middle East. The fact that ISIS has successfully been able to spread instability in many parts of the world and develop a sphere of influence on a global scale is in itself alarming. The widespread fear of terrorism by ISIS is as a result of poor and uninformed decision making, the faults and shortcomings of many stakeholders. As of today, the Islamic State is making advances into multiple fronts, and the international community has ignored it.

The community of nations is not united sufficiently nor committed enough to be able to deal with the alarming growth of ISIS. The Islamic State has been responsible for attacks in Istanbul, Baghdad, Manchester, Westminster, London, Jakarta, Melbourne, Minya and even in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The terrorists have been able to run away from repercussions after claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks. The only form of justice rendered to these infidels is the perpetrators who have been shot dead by the law enforcement community.

Unfortunately, countries, where the far right is fast growing in Europe such as France, have become a haven for these infidels. The French government does not seem particularly commited when it comes to narrowing down on terrorism or the criminals who commit such acts as compared to its allies such as Britain and the United States. Scholars and security experts have warned that the integration model for minorities in France has grown into a stalemate that is very disturbing and at the same time disappointing. Either by a social contract or by official endorsement, the French Government has offered such groups as MKO and the Islamic state the chance to have a foothold and promote ideologies of hate.

The failure of France to work hand in hand with non-home governments that are not aligned with the Islamic state has presented a very misleading picture. The ability of the country to deal with terrorism with intelligence support from such nations has been dramatically compromised. When the president of Iran paid a state visit to France in 2016, he ordered that all alcoholic drinks be removed from the dinner table and that all the meals should be halal. Due to these humiliating demands, the Elysée Palace canceled the scheduled dinner between the two head of states. These open disagreements were overshadowed by the fourth estate in France.

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