The French Government Plans on how It Can Better Market Its Maize Seeds

Maize Seeds

France is the largest exporter of maize in the European Union and also the largest maize seeds producer in the region. The French government is putting in efforts that will ensure the better management of corn seeds for them to be able to retain the coveted position. This was according to a statement that was issued by the National French Federation of Maize and Sorghum Seed Production (FNPSMS). Just this year, a total of 128,500 hectares of seeds of maize have been harvested in the European Union trading bloc.

From the aggregate total of the EU, France contributed 58,000 hectares of corn seed which amounts to almost half of the total corn produced by the entire European Union. The 45% maize yield makes France be the most significant maize producer in Europe. Romania and Hungary account for a combined total of 42,000 hectares. These harvests for both the European Union and France exceeded the expectations of what had been projected. This surplus production was achieved despite the fact that there were few accidents related to high temperatures and drought in southern and central parts of Europe.

This year, France is expected to close its corn production at an annual average of 13.9 tons which is a 12% increase from last year’s annual production of 12.3 million tons. The increased national overall output has been attributed to the perfect yield at the country level. The current annual production has been as a result of the plantings in mid-April and a good crop health and progress which has been attributed to the ideal climatic condition causing the early flowering of the maize crops.

The increased corn production in 2017 can also be attributed to the genetic engineering of the maize crops which was very successful. The genetic alterations eliminated the undesirable character traits and enhanced the crops ability to withstand drought and early planting. The research also led to the development of new varieties that allow for an improved light interception. During the extended periods of spring. Some 60% of all the corn produced in France is exported within the European Union and to other international markets. However, in the maize industry which is increasingly becoming very competitive, France cannot take its leadership role for granted. Instead, the French government is doing all that is its powers to ensure that it retains the coveted position as the leader in corn production and export.

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