Disney Opens a New Park Near Paris, France

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney empire just got a little bit bigger. This time it is Euro Disney that has added a new park on the outskirts of Paris. However, this park is much different than all of the other ones owned by the company. It is called Villages Nature Paris and it was designed with the idea of being a tourist attraction that is totally friendly to the environment. For example, geothermal energy is used as a heating source for the some of the water that is located in the park. The total cost of the project is estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 million euros.

Discussions about building a park in Paris by using a sustainable development approach started around 15 years ago. However, there were many within the Disney organization who doubted the feasibility of such a project. Disney CEO Bob Iger went on record as saying that he wanted the company to lead the way in terms of building a large attraction that would not create a large amount of waste or leave much of a carbon footprint. Therefore, he put a lot of resources into the project to make sure that it got off the ground.

Early reviews of Villages Nature Paris have been very positive. Visitors have marveled at the cleanliness of the park as a whole. The usual litter that can be found on the ground at any other major amusement parks is not present here. The location was perfectly chosen because of its wide open spaces. There is a lake where people can go swimming if they desire. Visitors who want to relax can visit the spa which has both a steam room and a sauna. There is a building that is constructed for the purpose of giving seminars and other presentations.

Visitors will certainly never go hungry during their stay. They will find plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Various restaurants that serve a wide variety of food are all present inside the park. There are also many different shops that each have their own specific theme. There are a wide range of activities for people of all ages. You will be able to do everything from bowling to bungee jumping. There are plenty of trails where you can go walking. There are also paths that are specially designed for riding horses. People can stay overnight at the park in cabins.

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