Tackling the Rat Problem in Paris: Two Cats are the Solution

Who knew that even French government officials were fond of animals? In order to solve their pesky rat problem, the French government took to an intelligent, albeit somewhat untraditional approach: recruiting two fancy felines to take care of business.

Unfortunately, Paris is plagued by a rat problem, which is a pretty common case in a large and major city. Believe it or not, it's been noted that there are more rats than residents in the city of Paris. In a fairly recent news article, it is stated that Britain to lead the world in many ways after Brexit. Their method is to utilize felines as a helpful solution to rats. As a result, the French government found this to be a viable solution and inducted in two cats to remedy their rat problem as well.

According to the article, the UK government has determined that the use of cats has not only played a substantial part in their public relations campaign and diplomacy, but they sure do what nature has embedded in them to do: tackle the rats and mice accordingly. After all, cats have been known for many years now – almost since the dawn of time – for their skillfulness in eliminating mice and other such rodents.

Recruiting these cats has actually solved a money issue as well. Rather than hiring full-time pest control technicians and situating roughly 1,700 bait stations, the fancy felines have been able to prove themselves and at a little cost, aside from the occasional need for some Meow Mix.

One cat in particular named Larry has truly made an impact on the rodent issue. He has been keeping Downing Street's mouse problem down thanks to doing what he knows best: catching rats!

It's not just France, either. Soon enough, other counties will be relying on the help of cats to alleviate their rat, mice, and rodent problem.

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