The French Government Says That the Female Jihadists from France May Be Tried In Syria

Female Jihadist

There has been a hotly contested debate about French nationals who became married to Islamist fighters in Syria who are now in custody. The French government has said that the women may face justice in Damascus so long as the Syrian government will guarantee the French nationals to a fair hearing. Emily Konig, 33, who hails from Brittany who became a recruiter for the jihadist terror organizations in Syria, will this week become the latest among the women from Europe who have made a public plea to be repatriated back to their mother countries.

However, Benjamin Griveaux who is a spokesperson for the French government alluded that there were no plans to have her repatriated back to Paris. In an interview with the RMC radio, Griveaux said that women who were arrested in Syria should be tried in Syria if at all there are judicial systems that can guarantee a fair judgment and give the accused the right to defend themselves. He also added that despite the seriousness of the crimes they have committed in foreign nations, French citizens deserve a fair trial and the right to criminal defense.

Konig would have in the past features in the blacklist if the most wanted and dangerous insurgents in the Kurdish controlled Syria by both the United Nations and the United States. Kong is being detained in one of the camps that belong to the Kurds together with her three kids alongside some other women from France. The spokesperson for the French government said that the women had been apprehended in combat and as far as the French government knows, the arrested French nationals did not surrender on their own accord.

Bruno Vinay, the attorney for Konig, said that it was the mandatory duty of the French government authorities to repatriate her client under the international commitments by France. Konig was born in France to a police officer and went and converted to Islam after meeting her first spouse. She would later relocate to Syria in 2012 after leaving her two eldest kids in France after getting married to her second husband who would later be murdered ion the war.

Konig has frequently appeared in messages that were intercepted by French intelligence and also in propaganda videos. In the messages that were caught, Konig urged her contacts in France to attack the wives and families of French soldiers or the many institutions in France. Both Iraqi and Kurdish forces have over b30 jihadists who are French nationals in their custody.

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