Only Diamonds Will Do And Lime Crime Delivers With Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

Boring makeup is just that, uninteresting, predictable and routine.

Modern makeup like Lime Crime is unique, exciting, fun and statement-making. CEO and founder Doe Deere launched her cosmetics brand in 2008, and today, her e-commerce label has become a global sensation and social media standout.

It's all about products that pop; Lime Crime makeup features wildly radical colors, intense pigments, unusual textures and something that goes beyond traditional makeup.

Take Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers, a favorite among women who want to amp up their lip game. It's like wearing dazzling diamond carats on your mouth. The lip toppers were created using prismatic technology, and they glitter like no other. The toppers truly resemble crushed diamonds in every sense of the word. Best of all, Diamond Crushers come in gorgeous shades and enhance every skin tone.

It's not easy creating makeup that wears well, feels comfortable and exudes incredible texture and intensity all at once, but Doe Deere has found the beauty recipe. InStyle magazine has fallen in love with Diamond Crushers, and the staff took them out for a test-ride in the office.

It might seem impossible to wear something that glitzy at work, but Lime Crime has designed Diamond Crushers to be subtle enough for everyday wear. Doe Deere has made it okay to wear glamorous makeup for the office, school or just hanging out in the daylight hours. She has always worn makeup that broke the old, tired rules, and that is what Lime Crime makeup is all about.

Her lip toppers can be worn bare alone or over your favorite lipstick. When applied with a little skill, these crushed diamonds stay put on your lips and last. The formula features a weightless water-based topper; it's ingenious. Best of all, the lip topper feels smooth and soft. Most lip toppers wear like sandpaper and lose their sparkle quickly but not Lime Crime. The iridescence can't be beaten.

Some of the popular Diamond Crushers shades include delirium purple/turquoise shift; baby pink/baby blue shift; cotton candy/champagne shift; nightclub pink/pink shift; rose gold on acid and mauve/blue shift.

Lime Crime's cult favorite Velvetines lipsticks look gorgeous with a Diamond Crushers lying on top.

Can you say super sexy?

The Velvetines are the brand's famous liquid/matte lipsticks and are featured in lots of stunning shades.

Diamond Crushers also add spectacular shine and highlighted elegance when applied on the cheeks, eyelids, under the brow and along the collarbone and decollete. It's quite the versatile beauty product.

ULTA beauty stores carry Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers in a major assortment of shades that can be purchased online.

Unicorn Hair Tints are another fan obsession available at Lime Crime. These rainbow bright, semi-permanent hair colors also look gorgeous against a mouth awash in Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers.

Unicorn tints are safe, healthy and gradually fade away. Some of the shade include chocolate cherry, steel blue, rich teal, maroon brown, charcoal grey and seafoam green.

Doe Deere likes fun bold makeup, hair and fashion, and she currently sports purple tresses. She believes that all three can help define a person's attractiveness. Lime Crime was launched to create a different set of individual beauty standards, and Doe Deere finds that empowering for both women and men.

Lime Crime makeup is based in Los Angeles. It is a vegan and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. Doe Deere happens to be extremely protective of all animals and is proud that her company, staff and brand stand behind the ethically-made cosmetics.

The makeup maven is the owner of two Persian cats. Their names are Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham.

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