President Macron Governs like a Right-wing President Just One Year After being sworn Into Office

President Macron

President Macron campaigned as a diehard Third Way politician. However, macron has governed with policies that are broadly right-wing since he took office. He claims that he is delivering what he promised to the French electorate since he took office just a year ago. The Jupiterian president has instituted some drastic reforms in France since he became a tenant at the Élysée Palace. For instance, the Macron administration has enacted the new immigration and asylum immigration law, new domestic security law, constitutional reform, reform of the railways, reform of university admissions labour legislation by presidential decrees reform and the anti-corruption moralisation legislation. Most of the legislation has been seen by political commentators to be on the right side of the political divide. President Macron’s slogan in his flagship campaigns stated that he is neither a right nor a left politician.

The economic policy by President Macron is a perfect example of his right politics. He appointed Gérald Darmanin as the minister of budget, Bruno Le Maire as the minister of the French economy and Édouard Philippe as the French Prime Minister. All these appointments were from the right-wing political spectrum. President macron, has through the appointments, set his economic plans in a direction that is broadly neo-liberal. His right-wing agenda came out clearly in the finance law reform he first made after taking office. The finance legislation eliminated the wealth tax in France. The wealth tax legislation was replaced with a 30% flat tax on income generated by capital. This move worked to reduce the tax burden on those with the most money and influence in France.

The tax reforms that would work in favour of millions of working French families and the middle class have been staggered for weeks now. The house tax reform has stalled in the country’s parliament for some years now while the national insurance contributions for working families has never been finalized. Macron’s left-wing opponents have publicly labelled him as president of the wealthy French citizens. However, Macron has come out to defend his position by pointing to reforms that his government is planning to put in place. Macron proposes to double funding for state learning institutions in inner city areas that are deprived. The president has however also not fulfilled some promises that he made during his campaigns. For instance, he promised to end the state of emergency in France which has failed to deliver.

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