Mobile Phone Outage Sweeps France

Mobile Phone

On Tuesday, Orange S.A. announced that they have fixed the issues behind the recent spate of outages that have been plaguing their network since Monday. Tens of thousands of Orange customers have been unable to place calls from their mobile devices, while customers of other telecommunications companies have also been unable to contact Orange clients.

The outages first popped up on Monday morning and were reportedly fixed in a few hours. However, many Orange clients were still unable to place any calls, so Orange had to issue another fix. Meanwhile, major French carriers like Free Mobile, Bouygues and SFR received thousands of complaints from their customers who were unable to contact Orange users. During the outage, many customers fell back on internet-based chat apps like Skype and WhatsApp to communicate, as only mobile networks seemed to be interrupted.

According to Orange, they experienced a problem with the interchange that allows customers' mobile phones to connect with the phones of other carriers. However, the bug in their system did not affect every call. Many of the calls placed by Orange customers were able to get through, although some of them were low quality. Also, customers of smaller mobile phone companies like La Poste Mobile and Virgin were not affected.

France is not the only country to face massive mobile phone outages. Last Tuesday, T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers in Texas experienced a widespread outage after an accidental cut in an optical fiber line in Houston. Mobile phone owners were left without service for several hours while workmen repaired the line.

Australia recently experienced a mobile network headache of its own when several thousand Telstra customers reported that they were unable to place calls on the company's 4G network. Telstra rushed to fix the issue, which occurred only a few hours after the unveiling of their new unlimited phone plan. The company then apologized, stating that the outage was the unintended result of equipment upgrades.

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