French Chefs Upset Over Camembert Agreement

There is a battle in France that is being waged over cheese. Camembert cheese to be exact. It is a battle that involves small cheese producers in Normandy, large food corporations and some renowned French chefs. The battle centers around what cheese can truly be called Camembert cheese.

Originally, a cheese had to meet certain requirements to be certified as an official Camembert. The cheese had to be made from raw milk. The milk could not be pasteurized. The milk used in the cheese also had to come from Normandy cows who were housed in Normandy.

These requirements were not a problem for smaller cheese producers. The sticking point came when large agribusiness companies wanted to get in on the Camembert action. They didn't want to use raw milk and they wanted to use milk from cows across the world not from Normandy alone. Because the large corporations would not follow the requirements, they were not allowed to certify their cheese as an official Camembert.

The small Camembert producers and the large corporate producers have now reached a compromise. In order for a product to be an official Camembert, unpasteurized milk will not have to be used. Thirty percent of the milk will have to come from Normandy cows in Normandy.

This new agreement has outraged some famous French chefs. Chefs Anne-Sophie Pic and Emmanuel Renaut are calling the agreement shameful. They believe that the new agreement will result in a Camembert that has an inferior taste. In their opinion, only the wealthy will be able to afford the real Camembert, while the mass marketed Camembert will be what is affordable for most.

Chefs and cheese aficionados in France are calling upon President Macron and the agricultural authorities to stop the agreement. They want the French authorities to insist that true Camembert cheese meet the old standards for taste, preparation and ingredients.

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