Social Media Not Happy with Wax Macron

President Macron

An article in The Telegraph titled “Emmanuel Macron waxwork faces meltdown over complaint French president looks ‘tense and anguished’”, by Henry Samuel recounts the travails of a yet to be officially unveiled a wax statue of the French president.
The figure of Emmanuel Macron, valued at more than $70,700, may be scrapped because it has received awful reviews across social media.
The wax Macron look-alike was headed for the Paris Grevin museum, which is similar to London’s Madame Tussauds museum, on May 24 to take his place along wax-versions of a variety of celebrities and political leaders.
Whether wax Macron will still end up at the Grevin has been called into question after it received a negative response after a television appearance.
The Twitter response was immediate and harsh. The museum director was swayed by the response.
“A tense and anguished face, a frozen statue that doesn’t ‘live’, this is not beautiful, something just doesn’t work,” said Yves Delhommeau, Grevin’s director. “Emmanuel Macron’s statue has not yet been approved, I don’t want a figure so heavily criticised on social networks.”
It is still to be determined if the current wax figure will be reworked or if the museum will just start over. The museum’s planned unveiling was canceled.
Creating a wax figure is both expensive and time-consuming. It usually takes about six months to create a figure. The image that ran on television was a leaked image and no longer reflects exactly how the Macron statue looks. The image dates back to September and changes have since been made to the figure.
The statue was based off photographs of the French President because he never agreed to meet with the museum's sculptor. The sculptor has successfully pulled off representations of President Donald Trump and Alain Ducasse, a French chef.
It is uncertain whether the museum will get a chance to sculpt a likeness of Macron’s wife, Brigitte, 65. She has withheld authorization and the Grevin’s director doubts the brouhaha over her husband’s figure will help their case.

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