French Open Officials Decline Giving Tennis Champion Serena Williams Seeding

Serena Williams

Some tennis fans debate the fact that Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player ever. But those people are forgetting that Serena won the 2017 Australian Open while she was pregnant. And they are forgetting that Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam singles winner. And she is still the number one tennis player in the world even though her absence from the professional tennis circuit dropped her ranking to 453rd in the world.

Serena had a tough time giving birth. It was a life-threatening experience for the tennis superstar, but she is back in top form now. French Open officials know Serena is ready to play, so she should have the number one seed position, but French officials chose not to do that. Instead, some of the top players in the world will face Serena in the opening rounds. And that’s not what some of these players want to do for obvious reasons.

The French are allowing Serena to play because there is a Special Ranking Rule that allows players on maternity leave or players recovering suffered serious injuries to play in up to eight tournaments within a year after their recovery, according to a recent Washington Post article. But that rule doesn’t include seeding. The World Tennis Officials will have to change the rule in 2019 to avoid another situation like Serena’s.

The fact that Serena is still the best player in the game isn’t lost on the other great players who know how great Serena is on the court. Tennis great Maria Sharapova thinks Williams deserves seeding because it takes incredible emotional and physical effort to return to the game after giving birth. Being a mother takes some of the selfishness out of the sport for some woman, according to Sharapova. Serena may play differently now that she is a mother, but she still deserves to have a seeding.

According to fourth-ranked Elina Svitolina, Williams is still number one, so she deserves seeding. But French tennis officials go by the rules, and Williams will have to live with their decision. She may not like it, but she will go with it and prove what she wants to prove in the process. Serena Williams is not done being great and playing in the French Open will prove her greatness, according to her fans and the other players who know what she can do on the court.

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