Civil Workers Strike For Job Security In France

Security In France

All public services came to a screeching halt this week when many of the country's civil workers went on strike over their distaste with economic reforms set forth by President Emmanuel Macron. This is the third time the country has found itself with a nationwide strike since the begin of Macron's term just one year ago.

In an incredibly rare form of unity, all 9 of France's public sector unions were taking part in the stance against the reforms with around 130 different strikes set to take place across the country. The unions feel this is a necessary move because Macron is looking to create reforms in the laws that would destroy all the benefits these groups have earned over the past half a century, which include protections against unfair termination and pensions. Macron has also proposed cutting roughly 120,000 jobs and shifting many permanent jobs to a contract basis. There would also be many changes to SNCF, the state's rail company, which has had many issues with ongoing debt for years. This group believes that if Macron passes all his agendas, they will be back at the beginning when it comes to the fight for workers rights.

The strike initially began for the rail workers in France, but it soon grew to include all civil service positions like teachers, air traffic controllers, hospital staff and many more. Originally, the fight was to prevent the railway lines from being closed or losing the special status that rail workers have been benefitting from, but it quickly grew into much more. This has led to the country being forced to cut 20% of flights to and from Orly which is a capital city. So far, along with the masses of people gathering in streets, the state has arrested 15 people and 2 separate shop windows have been vandalized.

For now, the strike is still ongoing as the nation waits and watches. For more details on this topic, click here.

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