Uber Announces Flying Car Research And Development In France

Fying Cars

The future is upon us with the announcement that flying taxis are in the works thanks to Uber, who would like to build these futuristic flying machines in France.

Just this week, Uber made the announcement that it plans to invest roughly $23.4 million into creating completely electric vehicles that takeoff and land vertically within the next 5 years, and they plan to do so in France. The idea is to open a new research and development center, which will be located in the city of Paris, which will serve as the company's first technology hub outside of the North American Continent. Uber has not been shy about their drive to create a flying car, in 2016 they announced the project and just a year later, NASA became a partner on the project where they are helping to develop a form of air traffic management to be used when cars take to the air.

Uber stated that it believes that France is the perfect location for their company to begin taking the next steps toward developing this technology due to the country's world class engineers, strong history of both research and development, and the special role the country has played in the field of aviation. Until now, the company has focused the majority of it's development on the self driving vehicle technology, but they now plan to move forward in another direction. Uber announced that later in 2018, The Advanced Technologies Center will open, in Paris, France, and the sole purpose of this facility will be to research and develop flying cars via airspace management, energy storage, real-time communications networks and charging systems.

The announcement from Uber will serve as a boost for Emanuel Macron, President of France, who has been pushing ambitious economic reforms that would lead to more foreign investments. That said, Uber does have a bit of a touchy history with France, in 2015 French authorities forced them to suspend uberPOP due to accusations of using unlicensed drivers and running an illegal transport service. The main ride service of Uber, which does use licensed drivers, still operates in France today.

Flying cars have been a dream for many people, and it looks like that technology may make an appearance sooner than we thought. Uber believes it will be ready to launch a flying car network as soon as 2023. For more information on this topic, head to CNN.

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