Parisan “Spider-Man” Saves Child From Building, Receiving French Citizenship

While superhero movies continue to crowd the list of Hollywood blockbusters, a real-life superhero walks the street of Paris. His name is Mamoudou Gassama. This Saturday, Parisan street goers looked up in horror to see a young child desperately clinging to the ledge of a four-story balcony, dangling from the ledge. Seeing the situation, Gassama ran to the child’s rescue, scaling the building in seconds without pause, saving the child from eminent peril. “I did not think, I saved him,” Gassama told reporters in French on BFMTV this week. (
Footage of Gassama scaling the building with lightning reflexes has been posted on YouTube ( The 22-year-old migrant from Mali has been dubbed “The Spider-Man of Paris.”
Meeting at the Élysée Palace on Monday morning, President Emmanuel Macron thanked Gassama personally for his heroic actions. In a show of gratitude, President Macron said Gassama will be granted French citizenship and a role as a volunteer firefighter.
Gassama recently arrived at Paris from Mali, entering the country only a few months prior to his heroic actions. Like many other migrants and refugees in France, Gassama came to the country looking for a better life. When commenting on the incident, Parisan Mayor Anne Hidalgo praised Gassama, stating that all citizens and the entire city of Paris should be inspired by the young man’s heroic actions.
Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the heroic rescue, only to find the child already safe, thanks to the actions of the man Parisians are calling “the Spider-Man of the 18th,” after the district of Paris where the incident occurred.
A spokesperson for the fire department also commented on the incident, praising Gassama for his courage, saying that we were fortunate to have "someone who was physically fit" nearby to save the child.

Why was the child dangling off the ledge in the first place? According to French authorities, an investigation revealed that the child’s parents were not at home during the time of the incident. The child’s father was taken in for police questioning for leaving the young child unattended. The child’s mother was not in the city during the time.

In comic books and movies, superheroes often state that they hope to inspire others with their actions, providing a model of courage and determination for others. Without a doubt, Mamoudou Gassama, the Spider-Man of Paris, provides a model of bravery, fearlessness, and humanity for citizens everywhere.

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