Paris Slated To Cut Down On Emissions


Whether one believes in the fact of science-supported climate change and its many, many manifestations - just one of the manifestations of climate change as accelerated by humans outside the scope of natural climate change, a phenomenon that has happened on a regular basis for years on end, just not as quick or drastic as humans are responsible for - or not, many of the largest cities around planet Earth are quickly becoming polluted with smog.

Even though China's largest cities are collectively and individually clouded with more smog than virtually all and any cities across the planet, France's capital of Paris is currently giving the highest-populated country on Earth a solid run for its money.

Regardless of how large the cloud of smog above Paris is, the fact that smog hangs over the beautiful city in perpetuity is a cause for concern. According to recent statements made by Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, France, she hopes to cut down on the production of greenhouse gases and other unfriendly chemicals and substances that ultimately lead to smog hanging over the city, known around the world as a major tourist attraction. With the immeasurable cloud of visible pollution hanging over the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Piza, and countless other tourist attractions unarguably lowers the prices businesses throughout Paris, France, can charge for their products and services, not to mention bring fewer tourists into the country from the 190-odd countries around the globe.

In a tightly-packed nutshell, here's what Parisian Mayor Ms. Anne Hidalgo hopes to carry out while she's in the office of the most beautiful city on planet Earth. Ms. Hidalgo is aiming to get rid of older vehicles that are generally notoriously poor on greenhouse gas emissions and gas mileage; phase out the presence of diesel vehicles on Parisian roads over coming years unless they're absolutely necessary, like for truckers and other big machinery that have used diesel out of necessity over past years and decades like; as well as handing out major subsidies funded by none other than the French federal government to people who prove that they've gotten rid of their old vehicles in favor of newer ones.

Offering people of a nation money for carrying out relatively simple goals is something that has historically worked quite well, whether those goals such governments have aimed at are slated to be taken care of in Asia or South America.

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