A Coalition Fights to Fill the Gap that Was Left by US’s Exit on the Paris Deal

Paris Climate Change Agreement

United States President Donald Trump did not have enough time to leave the White House Rose Garden after announcing that Washington was going to leave the Paris climate change agreement. The historic climate change accord was aimed at curbing the temperature rise in the world to below 2C. President Trump said that the deal that has been negotiated by his predecessor was draconian and that it would lead to a diminished quality of life for the average US citizen. President Donald Trump added that he was voted in to represent the great citizens of Pittsburgh and not the French citizens in Paris. The mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, immediately stated in his Twitter handle that he had committed to the residents of Pittsburgh to enforce the Paris agreement.

Peduto added that the Americans were also committed to passing on a country that was safe from the detrimental effects of a warming planet to the future generations. In the months following the announcement by Trump, an alliance of green groups, American states and cities have stepped up to fill the void left by US’s exit from the Paris accord. The United States is the largest emitter of carbon gases into the environment in the world followed by the People’s Republic of China. The coalition of these different groups that have publicly been against Trump’s policies on climate change, has experienced a bruising 12 months. In that one-year period, the successes that have been achieved at the local level have been overshadowed by an intent to tear down any edifice of climate change policy by the Trump administration.

The city of Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania is one of the 405 US municipalities that are signed on to the Climate Mayor’s initiative. These municipalities represent the voices of over 70 million volunteer American citizens who have committed to a green planet. The Mayor’s initiative has blossomed and received a country-wide acceptance by Americans in the past year. It continues to expand. Today, there are more than 80 American cities that have committed to the conservation of the environment to prevent the up hauling effects of global warming. Some of the metropolitans like San Diego have committed to migrating to 100% renewable sources of energy. Many other companies have said that they will support the Paris climate accord. These include multi-billion dollar corporates such as Google and Amazon.

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