The French Government Accused of Double Standards after Deporting a Tunisian National

Paris has been accused of having double standards for deporting a heroic 25-year-old Tunisian. The Tunisian national saved the lives of two minors from a burning building. The French government refused to offer residency to a heroic young man who had saved the lives of two French nationals. The movie Spiderman showcasing the 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama scaling the 18th arrondissement building in Paris was viewed by millions after its release barely a week ago. The film saw Gassama invited by President Emmanuel Macron to the Elysée Palace. President Macron offered Gassama French residency, a medal and an employment opportunity as a fireman. However, an undocumented Tunisian national who goes by the name Ayman L has been said by supporters to deserve equal treatment with Gassama after his heroic acts.

However, no one has acknowledged Ayman’s heroic acts, and in place of a reward, he faces imminent deportation for lack of documentation. After Ayman arrived in Paris in 2013, he was in a restaurant with two of his close friends in the French capital when they heard cries for help. A mother, together with her two small kids was stuck inside a building that was billowed by smoke. Courageously, Ayman ran inside the burning house to rescue the people who had been stuck inside the building. Ayman was in the company of his blood cousin and another friend.

He told one of the top media houses in Paris that they went straight up the blazing building to look for the children who were crying for help. Ayman added that he found the two kids in their bedroom cuddled together and cried on top of their voices for help. 21 days later, the three were awarded a medal for their acts of valor. This is after the mother of the two kids went on a campaign to search for the guardian angels who rescued her two beautiful kids. It is quite sad however that Ayman has been denied residency in France by the French immigration department. He is a diploma holder in information technology. He has consequently been ordered to vacate France or face criminal prosecution. The decision was arrived at and upheld by the prefect of the regional state. This is despite calls by the local mayor to have Ayman’s request considered based on his brave acts. Ayman’s attorney has sought a private audience with President Macron and ask for his client’s residency.

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