EU Recommends France Border Police to Learn and Use English Language to Improve on Competence

France Border Police

The European Union concluded to compel France border guards to learn and use English while at work. This comes as a major blow to the country which has been quite conservative and protective of its mother tongue, French, for a long time.

According to conclusions of the EU meeting, the decision of compelling France to adopt the use of English language as the official communication language in functions such as defense was backed unanimously by all 28 states. Currently, the country suffers a language barrier as most guards working in airports do not have sufficient verbal and written English skills.

The recommendations of the report also called for an emphasis on increasing the competence of guards working in borders on matters relating to language in order to ensure that the security personnel was able to discharge their duties well. It questioned, in that regard, the ability of French guards who are incompetent in the English language, to question and scrutinize English speaking persons and documents.

The recommendation, although well-meaning, would be highly unlikely to be met with passion by the French who have been protective of their tongue. President Emmanuel Macron himself has been a target by the French people who have accused him of often using English, rather than French, in press briefings. Many locals in France feel that Macron may give up their stand as he is viewed as having lost passion for protecting, promoting, and adoption of French as a global language.

Macron has been offering little as far as defending the position of the language across Europe is concerned. Even with Brexit, most European nations have English as the preferred second language of their choice, and not French. The president has been quite vocal in the past, calling for the recognition of France as an international language, but seems to have given up. He called upon Francophone countries to resist all incentives to turn to English as their language of choice.

Among other recommendations that the report made included the full implementation of the requirements of the Schengen Borders Code by the French security control personnel. This would serve to ensure that the personnel is well equipped with skills on how to perform their work well including conducting interviews and data scrutiny.

It was also recommended that the country undertakes a comprehensive training program which would standardize the operational communication system of France with that of other EU nations.

French officials are yet to comment on the matter. It is, however, highly unlikely that the country would rescind and isolate itself from the recommendations.

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